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    XS-FR-2300/2310(HFFR for TPE elastomer )
    XS-FR-2300/2310 are phosphorus-nitrogen type halogen free flame retardant, Halogen Free Fire Retardant for Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), which is designed for TPE (including PP or other carbon resin systems) . The flame retardant mechanism is char-foaming will be happened to stop gas phase combustion. It could be widely used for power cables, communication cables, automotive cables, and etc. The final product has smooth surface, has no PH3 and no precipitation, has good water resistance property and excellent electrical properties.
    XS-FR-2300 is designed for PPO system of TPE and XS-FR-2310 is for non-PPO system.
    XS-FR-2300 Specifications
    AppearanceWhite powderN %~20
    Density g/cm3~1.3P %~10
    Particle size um~10Thermal decomposition temperature (≥1%) ℃>350
    Water solubility %<0.2Volatile matter %<0.3
    XS-FR-2310 Specifications
    Appearance–White powder√
    P content%15±3

    N content%20±3

    Water content%≤0.3√
    Relative densityg/cm31.1-1.2

    Bulk densityg/cm3~0.50

    Average particle size (D50)um≤10√
    XS-FR-2300 Usage Suggestion
    FomulationTPE Flame retardancyItemData
    TSRC SEBS6154180Hardness90A
    Paroline120Tensile strength12MPa
    XS-FR-2300300Elongation rate260%
    PPO LX040180Proportion1.04
    PP80Flammability gradeVW-1
    Organic silicone20
    Black masterbatch20
    XS-FR-2310 Usage Suggestion
    FomulationTPE 90A system
    XS-FR-2310 %30-35%
    UL94 (3.2mm)V-0
    UL94 (1.6mm)V-1
    LOI %29
    During processing, the extrusion temperature should be around 200-220℃ and the screw combination should be moderate intensity, since too hot temperature will make the flame retardant decomposed. The shear heat of the screw is very hot, although the decomposion temperature of XS-FR-2310 is more than 280℃, it still could be decomposed as synergistic effect of heating and shearing.
    Package and Storage
    25kg/bag. Inner PE bag and outer kraft laminated bag.
    Store in ventilated, dry place, avoid direct sunlight. China Halogen Free Flame Retardant For Plastic manufacturers