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    High-Strength Fusing Geocell
    High strength fusing geocell is developed by GeoMax® on the basis of ordinary welding geocell.Because of the excellent stability and strength performance of PE material,High strength fusing geocell can increase the vertical &horizontal traction and decrease the cells extensibility.Therefore,the resistance strength of the cell is obviously improved to avoid the influence on cell strength caused by broken sheet during construction.Different fusing distance(from 200~800MM),different height(from 7.5~250MM)are available according to project requirement.
    1.High strength,Strong impact resistance,Excellent processing performance;
    2.Excellent Air tightness retention,barrier performance for oxygen and water vapor;
    3.Good chemical resistance and stability;
    4.Non-toxic,conforming to FDA standard;
    5.Good environmental adaptability,and non-toxic when recycling settlement;
    6.Good thermostability ,quite same with PVC sheet;
    7.Good insulating and antistatic performance.
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