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    Standard POF shrink film single-pack cosmetic
    Can POF shrink film damage or deteriorate cosmetics?
    1. Firstly, the POF shrink film has good sealing performance and high strength, and does not allow outside air and bacteria to enter the cosmetics. It is suitable for manual, semi-automatic, automatic high-speed packaging.
    2. At the same time, good cold resistance? It can be transported at low temperatures without brittle fracture and can be kept at a temperature of minus 50 degrees. It is suitable for storage and transportation of packaged objects in a long cold environment.
    3. Green, safe, non-toxic, in line with the US FDA and USDA safety standards, food-grade shrink film, can be directly packaged foods with non-toxic characteristics, so it is highly valued by foreign developed countries.
    low price POF Standard Shrink Film Single Wound