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    Remarks:Replacement for Eberspacher Airtronic D4S/24v
    Engine Model:Diesel
    Place of origin:China
    Warranty:12 Months
    Package:Neutral Package or Customized Package
    MOQ:1 Set
    Video description:
    Installation angle and mounting
    ● Correct installation angle: According to the actual installation situation, the heater can lean 30 degrees maximum (the air flowed downwards) or rotate around its long axis 90 degrees maximum (the air exhaust pipe is placed horizontally and the ignition plug points upwards).
    ● Assembly and mounting: Punch the exhaust air pipe, combustion air pipe and fuel pipe according to the hole position drawing.
    1. There must be space between the heater and the vehicle bottom. Check if the running of ventilation wheel is normal.
    2. The mounting surface must be flat 3. Install sealing elements 4. The vehicle wall must be flat 5. Reinforcement plate 6. Gasket 7. Nut

    ◆ The space between the heater and the bottom shall not be filled by polystyrene foam or glass cement; otherwise, it may affect heat dissipation of the product and lead to heater fault, fire or more serious consequences, for which our company will not be responsible.China Heater Blower Motors