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    Tianjin Pioneering Machinery is a professional cigarette machines and spare parts manufacturer. Being involved in cigarette machine industry since 2000, we have exported our machines to more than 20 countries across the globe. Over the years, through our international network of long-serving industry people, we have amassed an invaluable experience in serving a vast pool of small to medium sized cigarette manufacturing companies worldwide. This has given us an in-depth understanding of the industry’s needs which we can well meet.
    All the mid-speed cigarette making and packing machines that we supply are made in China with innovation and improvement based on technology introduction of original equipment while some other low speed machines, e.g. MK8/9, HLP2, are built by upgrading the original technology. All the spare parts for the makers and packers are of international standard and have stood the test of time and market.
    We boast a highly experienced and innovative technical and sales team who are ready to provide you with quality products and services that are beyond your expectation. Our aim is to ensure our cigarette manufacturing customers make the most of their budget and save cost spent on their equipment.
    Our product portfolio
    -Mark 8
    -Mark 9
    -Filter rod making machine
    -A comprehensive of spare parts for cigarette makers and packers, e.g. HLP2, MK8, MK9, GDX2, KDF2, Protos70, etc.
    -Custom kits to enhance your machine performance
    -Both field and laboratory measuring instruments for cigarette making
    The benefits you will have
    -A cost reduction for our customers spending on their equipment
    -The single source supplier of low to mid-speed cigarette machines and the related spare parts to save you not only money but also time
    -Technology-driven innovation that helps meet your requirements on special packaging formats Hot Product