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    Pan head combination screw/big plate screw/small plate screw
    The difference between the big plate screw and the small plate screw is that the head of the head screw in the large disc combined screw is larger than the head of the head screw in the small disc combined screw、 and the head thickness should be a bit thicker.
    Our customized high quality pan head combination screw should be considered from these aspects.
    1、 the stainless steel screw material in mechanical performance、 fully meet the requirements of strength.
    2、 meet the requirements for corrosion resistance of materials.
    3. Meet the requirements of working temperature on the heat resistance (high temperature strength and oxidation resistance) of the material.
    4、 meet the production process requirements for material processing performance.
    5、 other aspects、 such as weight、 price、 procurement、 and many other factors need to be considered.
    Products details
    Product Namepan head combination screw
    Materialcarbon steel
    Head Typepan
    Surface TreatmentEnvironmental protection yellow zinc
    Grade Available8.8.10.9
    Feature1.malleable and ductile
    2.with washer
    Application IndustryIndustrial equipment、 wind power facilities、 electromechanical、 large manufacturing equipment
    Standard AvailableDIN、 ISO、 ANSI、 ASME、 IFI、 JIS、 BSW、 AS、 Q、 HJ、 BS、 PEN
    Material AvailableCarbon Steel、Stainless Steel、Brass.
    PackingPE/PP Bag + box、 or as per client’s requirementbuy Combination Screw